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Arts and Craft


The creative urges of the Bhutanese find expression in the arts and crafts. Zorig Chusum or the 13 aspects of Bhutanese arts and crafts includes

  1. Lazo
  2. Mazo

The skill of the local craftsmen are manifested in the statues, doors and windows of the traditional houses, and in religious artifacts like bells, trumpets, and drums.

Bhutanese cuisine starts with Bhutanese red rice. It is a red medium-grain japonica rice which is grown in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutanese also have a special liking for chillies. Yes, in fact they love it so much they treat them as vegetables rather than spices. And chillies in all form, fresh green ones, dried red chillies or chilli powder are all welcomed. Raw chillies can be enjoyed by simply dipping them in salt. Otherwise, they can be found in the famous national dish known as Ema Datshi which is primarily spicy chilli peppers and cheese cooked together. Tourists who are not used to spicy food are always forewarned about the potency of this dish

For those who are less inclined to spicy dishes, you may find variations of the national dish more appealing. They are also popular dishes involving cheese like Kewa Datshi (potato and cheese) and Shamu Datshi